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Professional video hosting, built specifically for business.

Managing online video on websites, intranets, social media, smartphones and tablets is now officially a breeze!

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Smart. Simple. Effective.

Managing your video content on websites, intranets and social media networks? With Vidblee, the easiest Video Hosting For Business Platform out there, it’s a breeze — and incredibly affordable, too!

Adaptive technology and multi-bitrate streaming

Give your audience the best quality video online every time. Vidblee creates at least 6 different renditions for each video you upload, automatically detects user bandwidth, and dynamically switches between renditions mid-stream to ensure smooth playback at the highest quality possible. So every device, every user can watch all your videos with zero waiting time and no loss on quality.




Universal Delivery Service

Vidblee offers universal delivery Service, with multi-bitrate video streaming via a network of connected Media Servers, all over the world, using technologies like Apple HTTP streaming, progressive downloads, rtmp, rtsp, to ensure the best possible viewing experience for any device. Including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, connected Tv’s, Set Top boxes etc. And if you ever need to restrict access, Vidblee can be configured for Secure Domains and/or Secure IP, Secured Locked Players and HTTPS Streaming.

Social Video Publishing? Yes we can!

Expand your audience by harnessing the social network of your viewers. Fans share your videos on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media destinations. Configure social sharing features for any player or video to suit your strategy. Make it easy for consumers to embed your players on their blogs, profile pages, and personal websites. Facebook supports Vidblee playback in the news stream, inbox, and practically on every application that you can create inside the social network.

Social-Video-Publishing, vidblee
Facebook - 75%
Twitter - 35% - 98%

Full – Smart and Easy Video Analytics.

Vidblee’s, VisualStats Analytics platform shows you through which channels and social media your videos are being viewed the most. How many video plays a video had, archive analytics, time with actual plays comparisons, bandwidth per country and per device and allot more. If you want something more personalized and already known to your marketers, our video player can easily be hooked up to your existing Google Analytics® account.

Vidblee Engineering Labs

Experimental integrations, plugins, and extensions. We are so proud of our Vidblee’s laboratory, because is where you can find our newest and most experimental video tools. From a Google Analytics integration to pop-up buttons to presentation syncing, we’re always building up new tools to make better business videos. And if you’re looking for something we haven’t built yet, it’s all based on Javascript API and well documented to make your developer’s job as easy as possible.




Future releases? Free of charge

As a customer, we will never do anything that you will not like — every new feature we add to our platform will always be made available to you at no extra cost. Period.


No hidden fees, 7 days FREE on all packets!

0€ month
  • 3 Videos, no time limit!
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Mail Support
  • Simple Analytics
  • HLS Technologies
  • Branded Player
  • FREE for ever!
15€ month
  • 100 Videos, no time limit!
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Mail Support
  • Simple Analytics
  • HLS Technologies
  • Un-Branded Player
  • Montly Payments
30€ month
  • 300 Videos, no time limit!
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • Mail Support
  • Simple Analytics
  • HLS Technologies
  • Un-Branded Player
  • Montly Payments
90€ month
  • 500 Videos, no time limit!
  • 3 TB Bandwidth
  • Mail Support
  • Simple Analytics
  • HLS Technologies
  • Un-Branded Player
  • Montly Payments
300€ month
  • Unlimited Videos, no time limit!
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Mail and Phone Support
  • Advanced Analytics
  • HLS Technologies
  • Un-Branded Player
  • Montly Payments
Secured and Verified

We accept all major credit cards through PayPal the safiest way to pay online today! We do however accept in some cases Wired Bank Trasnfers. In order to see if you are qualified, please send us a message from our support page.


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Our HelpDesk/Support Team is available to STATION customers by e-mail and phone on weekdays, 09:00 – 17:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours). All other users are welcome to visit our Online Support Center. For more information, please read our General Terms & Conditions.

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Custom Plan?

If you’d like to discuss creating your own configuration, we’d be more than happy to help. Contact our Support team to discuss your needs.

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